The advent of technology has disrupted human visual recall, with memories frequently intertwined with photos taken on handheld devices. Memories themselves are inherently imprecise, often obscured, and tinged with false narratives and interpretations. It is within this context that I explored my pixel series.In this series, I employ a patterned grid as a canvas, layering colored swatches one by one, manipulating light and space to create a composed image. I've often likened these paintings to the "Magic Eye" books of my childhood.This revised version maintains the essence of the original description while making it more concise and easier to understand.

Interiors and exteriors

This series found its inspiration during a bout of insomnia. In the quiet of the night, as I lay awake in my small bedroom, a passing car's headlights briefly bathed the room in a cascade of different lights and planes, transforming it in a way I had never seen before. Building upon this moment, my grid systems evolved to resemble architectural drawings. This series represents an exploration of the concept of space and its inherent capacity to shift and transform.This revision maintains the essence of the original description while enhancing its clarity and flow.